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About Me

  • Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, I'll defend the Cardinals with every fiber of my being (even though I don't really care about sports...)

  • I teach barre! I'll make you do 30 extra pushups and turn your legs to jello, all with a smile :)

  • I have a dream to get an old V.W. van and go on a European road trip adventure with my dog (he's real! click here!) 

  • I love using power tools - my college job was working in the scene shop and my favorite tool was always the radial arm saw. Scariest tool? Table saw. No competition. 

  • Ultimately, I'm just a millennial with an addiction to coffee and desire to make cool stuff with good people 

  • You can cast me in any 1960s-70s period piece and it just makes sense


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